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Precast Concrete Construction

Faster, Greener & More Affordable

Many People in India live in substandard structures in large part because Conventional construction costs too much and takes too long. Compared to conventional systems, SRPL Precast Building System facilitates construction with less materials in a fraction of the time without compromising durability. The company is now pursuing projects in various cities of Gujarat i.e. Anand, Dahod, Bharuch, Deesa with the goal of achieving widespread adoption as a standard for affordable durable housing.

The advantage of this Technology has been timely completion of projects with due emphasis on project management, Consistent quality & safety. The major Advantages are Reduce construction time, Reduction in the need for skilled labor, Low maintenance cost, lighter compared to brick walls in weight.





Name of Technology Provider Firm

Shaival Reality Pvt Ltd. Ahmedabad.


Type of Technology

SRPL Precast  Technology


Type of Housing Construction possible by the Technology

Low Rise Building Construction

Advantages compared to Brick/Block Building System

  • Reduce construction time
  • Reduction in the need for skilled labour
  • Low maintenance cost
  • lighter compared to brick walls in weight
  • Options available with insulation system

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